Energy drink 250ml

Napój energetyczny

Energy drink 250ml in a can with your advertisement

Silver aluminum can - Capacity: 250ml
Type: Carbonated drink - Shelf life: 24 months

Full color label as standard

Product Data:

  • Number of pieces in a case: 24
  • Quantity per pallet: 3000
  • Label size: 164mm x 122mm
  • Minimum order from 252 cans

Please send your inquiries to the address

NOTE: If you buy a branded energy drink and the pack is damaged, you must immediately unpack the drinks and wash the bottoms of the cans with lukewarm running water to wash off the ascorbic acid.

The bottom of the can is not protected with varnish by the manufacturer of the can due to micro gaps that are required by the nutrition authorities in the EU.

Ascorbic acid, which is in the energy drink, will delaminate the walls of the can with the bottom lid, which will cause the drink to leak and infect the rest of the drinks in the case.

Please be advised that if this happens, complaints in this respect will not be considered.

If you purchase the energy 250 branded drink from us and pay our VAT invoice for this product, you automatically agree to this provision and accept its content.

Standard delivery time 10 working days depending on the quantity
Express service 7 working days for an additional fee