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We are a company specializing in advertising as well as promotion and image of companies using advertising media such as our advertising waters and drinks.

We are the first company in Poland offering advertising waters from a whole range of types of water available on the market as well as energy drinks, isotonic drinks and juices.

Our offer:

  • Spring waters 250 ml, 330 ml in a PET bottle (still or slightly carbonated)
  • Mineral water sparkling or still 330 ml in a glass bottle
  • Mineral water 500 ml in a PET bottle, sparkling or still
  • Mineral water in a 1.5 liter bottle in a PET bottle, sparkling or still
  • Functional waters 700 ml in a PET bottle, still
  • Energy drinks 250 ml in a carbonated can
  • Isotonic drinks 750 ml in a non-carbonated PET bottle (multifruit or orange flavor)
  • Juices 330ml in a PET bottle (orange or blackcurrant)

In order to meet the needs of our clients and meet their expectations, we offer 250 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml and 700 ml waters as well as energy drinks with a logo, isotonic drinks and labeled juices in a full range of colors without additional fees or hidden costs.

  • Promote your brand with a nice gift like water or a drink.
  • Water is a healthy product that every being needs to function every day.
  • Advertising water with your own logo is an opportunity to strengthen your own brand during various events and circumstances.
  • Advertising water for you and your company.
  • Express service 3-4 business days for an additional fee
  • Standard service 10 working days
  • Please send inquiries to the following e-mail address:

Our minimum order for advertising water in PET bottles is only 240 bottles with a personalized label or 240 energy drinks or 504 isotonic drinks, juices and water in a glass bottle. 
We focus on transparency and speed in the execution of orders, thanks to our efforts and a large range of spring and mineral waters as well as energy drinks, isotonic drinks and juices, we have become a leader in the advertising products industry, which are our waters and advertising drinks.

Our advertising drinks come from Polish sources and from Polish producers who have been extracting water or producing drinks for many years, which gives us confidence that the personalized waters and advertising drinks offered are of the highest quality. We work with reliable suppliers, thanks to which the products we offer are available to our customers without any restrictions or shortages in deliveries


Please remember that there is no return for personalized products, please consider your orders carefully.

In the event of a complaint, please send the goods back to the address provided by us and we will consider the complaint within 14 days.

tel: +48 786 181 630 

Madison Sp. z o.o., Wojciechowska Str. 9A, 20-704 Lublin 

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